Notot, Joseph


Musician and composer; born at Arras about 1755. No exact dates in the life of Notot are known. He early showed decided musical talent, but as his father had another career in view for his son he sent him to Paris in hopes of interesting him in the study of law. Here he met a friend who took him to Leclerc, the organist, who marveled at the boy's ability as a musician, and from that day his career was decided. He won great popularity when he returned to Arras. Notot became eminent not only as organist but as a composer, and won the esteem of Christian Bach and critics of equal ability. He was noted for his manner of accompanying from a full score and was much sought after by composers who could gain from his performances of their scores the effect of their works. At the beginning of the French Revolution Notot gave up his career as a musician and went to England, where he resided for some time.