Nisard, Theodore



Pen name of Abbe Theodule Eleazar Xavier Normand, who was born in 1812 at Quaregnon, near Mons, Belgium. Here he received his first instruction in music. He was later in Cambrai as student and chorister, and in Douay as a cellist, then entered the priests' seminary at Tournay, and in 1839 became director of the English Gymnasium, and in 1842 organist of St. Germain in Paris; he held this position for only a short time, as he wished to devote himself to literature. His historical books are valuable to those interested in the development of music. Among the most important are a manual or explanation of the organ, of plain chant and the manner in which it should be accompanied; La Science et la Pratique du Plain Chant; fitudes sur les anciennes notations musicales de 1'Europe, directed against Fetis; remarkable articles in d'Ortigue's Dictionary; history text, etc. of the plain chant; and Du rhythme dans le plain chant; monographs on Odo de Clugny, Palestrina, Lully, Rameau, Abbe Vogler, and others.