Niecks, Friedrich



Born at Dusseldorf. He received his first instruction on the violin from Langhans, Grünewald and Auer and appeared before the public at the age of twelve years. In 1868 he became a teacher and organist at Dumfries, Scotland, and in 1877 he went   to Leipsic and entered the University. He had already written articles for the Monthly Musical Record, and after leaving the University he became a regular contributor to the Musical Times. In 1890 he lectured at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on the m development of instrumental music, illustrating by musical performances, and the next year was appointed Reid professor of music at Edinburgh University. He was the founder of a Musical Education Society in 1901. Among the instructive papers read before musical societies are the Flat, the Sharp and the Natural, and the Teaching of Musical History; his Frederick Chopin as Man and Musician, is one of his most important works. Other of his works are a Concise Dictionary of Musical Terms, A History of Programme Music from the Sixteenth Century to the Present Time, and The Nature and Capacity of Modern Music, a philosophical treatise.