Neubauer, Franz Christian



Violinist and composer; born at Horzin, Bohemia, in 1760. He was the violin pupil of a village schoolmaster. While still a youth he went to Prague, and then to Vienna, where he produced the operetta, Ferdinand and Yariko, and met eminent musicians, among them Mozart and Haydn. He gave concerts in many cities of Germany; in 1789 he became chapelmaster to Prince Weilburg, and remained until the disbanding of the orchestra, then went to Minden, and later was made Court composer and director at Bückeburg. His published compositions comprise twelve symphonies, ten string quartets; concertos for piano, for flute and for cello; cantatas; sonatas; songs, and the operetta before mentioned. Neubauer led a wandering, irregular life, ruining his health so that he died at Bückeburg when thirty-five years old.