Nessler, Victor Ernst

1841- 1890


Dramatic composer; born at Baldenheim, Alsace. Nessler studied theology at Strasburg, but soon gave up all thought of the church when his opera, Fletirette, met with success. He had had some musical training under Theophil Stern and now .continued his musical studies at Leipsic, where he 'became chorusmaster at the Stadttheater and director of a vocal society. Nessler met with success as a conductor, and his compositions were melodious and showed knowledge of stage technique, but lacked depth and originality, though they appealed strongly to the popular taste. Some of his operas were Die Hochzeitsreise Dornroschen's Brautfahrt; Nacht-Wachte und Student; Am Alexandertag; Der Rattenfanger von Hamelin; Der Trompeter von Sakkingen. The last two were immensely popular in Germany, but when Der Rattenfanger von Hamelin was produced in English in London it proved a complete failure. Nessler also composed songs, ballads, and choruses, which have become widely known. He died in Strasburg.