Neithardt, August Heinrich



Choirmaster, bandmaster and composer. Born at Schleiz in 1793; was a pupil of Brunow and Ebhardt. After serving as a volunteer in the wars of 1813-1815 he was made bandmaster of the Garde-Schutzen Battalion and held this position until 1822, composing and arranging a great number of military pieces for this band; he then became leader of the band of the Kaiser Franz Grenadiers. In 1843 he was commissioned to construct a regular choir for the Berlin Cathedral, and in 1845 was made director. This became the famous Domchor, for which Mendelssohn composed many psalms and motets. After Neithardt visited St. Petersburg and Rome for study he raised his choir to such a degree of excellence that it created much wonder when he appeared with it in London in 1850. His compositions, aside from marches and other military music, are Julietta, an opera; sonatas, variations, and waltzes for piano; duets, trios, and quartets for horn; quartets for men's voices; and many songs.