Naumann, Karl Ernst



Grandson of Johann Gottlieb Naumann, the composer, and son of Karl Friedrich Naumann, a mineralogist; born in Freiburg, Saxony. He studied with Hauptmann, Richter, Wenzel and Langer at Leipsic and Johann Schneider at Dresden. In 1860 he became musical director of the Jena University and city organist and conductor of the Academy concerts. In 1877 he was made professor. He published an excellent treatise on music at Leipsic in 1858. His compositions include a sonata for viola; a quartet for strings; a trio for piano, violin and viola; and a serenade for various instruments. His chamber-music has been most successful, in it, and in his sonata and serenade, he shows his perfect mastery of art forms and genuine artistic talent.