Nares, James



English organist and composer; born in Stanwell, Middlesex, in 1715. Pupil of Gates, Dr. Pepusch and Dr. Croft, and succeeded Gates as chorister at the Chapel Royal. He was assistant organist of St. George's Chapel, Windsor, then succeeded Salisbury at York Minster, and in 1756 became organist and composer at Chapel Royal; the same year he received his degree of Doctor of Music from Cambridge. In 1757 he received the appointment of master of the children of the Chapel Royal. Nares died in 1783 in London and was buried in St. Margaret's, Westminster. A number of his works were of an instructive nature, Harpsichord Lessons, a treatise on singing, etc. Other compositions were for organ; a dramatic ode, The Royal Pastoral; some catches and glees. His service in F and several of his anthems are still used in many cathedrals.