Nageli, Johann Georg



Composer, publisher and writer; best known for his editions of classical works of Handel and Bach, and of Beethoven's three grand solo sonatas. He will always be remembered for his audacity in interpolating four bars into the first movement of one of Beethoven's sonatas. Nageli was born near Zurich. In 1792, established the publishing business in Zurich and issued the editions mentioned. In 1803 he published the periodical, Repertoire des Clavecinistes, in which new works of dementi, Beethoven, Cramer and others appeared. He was the founder and president of the Swiss Association for the Culture of Music, and for many years was a teacher of singing. Nageli was a believer and follower of the Pestalozzian method of instruction. In 1824 he traveled through Germany, lecturing on musical subjects. His compositions are mostly vocal choruses and songs. His Lied vom Rhein, and Life let us Cherish are among the best. He died at Zurich.