Mysliweczek, Joseph



Writer of operas; called by Italians, II Boemo; born near Prague. He went to Prague, where he studied music under the organist, Segert, then went to Venice to study under Pescetti. From Venice he went to Parma, then to Naples, where his opera, II Bellerofonte, performed in .1764, brought him immediate recognition. During the nine years that followed he produced nine other operas in Naples, where he was a great favorite, particularly after his Olimpiade, given in 1778. In 1772 Mozart met him in Bologna and in 1777 in Munich, and is said to have greatly admired his piano sonatas. Gabrielli, the famous singer, considered his songs especially suited to her voice, and sang them everywhere. He is said to have been attached to the Court at Munich from 1777 to 1778 and afterward he returned to Italy, where he died in Rome in great poverty, owing to his improvident habits. He wrote about thirty operas, among them Demetrio, Ezio et Demofoonte, Erifile; Ipermnestra; and Attaserse; and the oratorio, Abramo ed Isacco.