Muller, Adolf



Singer and composer; born at Tolna, Hungary; a pupil of Rieger, organist of Brünn Cathedral, later of Joseph Blumenthal in Vienna. Although when eight years old he played the piano in concert he later devoted himself to stage singing at Prague, Lemberg and Brünn and in 1826 at the Karnther Court Theatre. In 1828 he was appointed chapelmaster and composer at the Theatre an der Wien, at Vienna. He was a rapid composer, and in 1868 his operas, operettas, melodramas and other works reached the number of five hundred and seventy-nine. Among them are operas, Astraee, Seraphine; and the operettas, Die Schwarze Frau, Die Erste Zusammenfunst, and Wer Andern eine Grube grabt, fallt selbst hinein; as well as about sixty Singspiels and various other compositions.