Muffat, Georg


Composer and harmonist of the latter part of the Seventeenth Century, the date and place of whose birth are unknown. For six years he studied Lully's methods in Paris, and until 1675 was organist of the Strasburg Cathedral. About 1678 he was made organist to the Bishop of Salzburg, and traveled in Vienna and Rome. In 1690 he was made organist, and in 1695 master of the pages and chapelmaster to the Bishop of Passau. He died in Passau in 1704. In 1690 he published his important Apparatus musico-organist, which consists of twelve toccate and which he dedicated to Emperor Leopold I. Other works are Svaviores harmonicae Florilegium I., and Florilegium mit Ernst und Lust Gemengte Instrumental Music.