Mayer, Emilie



Born at Friedland, Mecklenburg; was a composer of instrumental and vocal music. She received her education from Carl Lowe, from B. A. Marx in theory and from Wieprecht in orchestration. She gave a concert composed entirely of her own writings, consisting of a concert overture for large orchestra; a string quartet; the 118th Psalm for chorus and orchestra; a symphonic in B minor; and the Symphonic Militaire; and two piano solos which she herself played. In recognition of her talents she was presented with the Gold Medal of Art by Queen Elizabeth of Prussia. She wrote two string quartets; two quintets; several symphonies, one in B minor arranged for four hands; several overtures; two quartets; seven sonatas for cello and piano; eight violin and piano sonatas; ten trios for piano, violin and cello; about forty part-songs, and a number of songs and piano-pieces. Her Faust overture for Grand orchestra, Nocturne for violin and piano, and Allemande fantastique are considered among her best.