Maurer, Ludwig Wilhelm



Violinist; born in Potsdam. He studied the violin under Haak, and at the age of thirteen he played at a concert given by Mara in Berlin, and was permitted to join the Royal Orchestra. In 1806 Maurer traveled to Konigsberg and Riga, where he met Rode and Baillot, then to St. Petersburg, where he played in concerts. Through Baillot he became conductor to the Chancellor Wsowologsky in Moscow, a position which he held until 1817, when he made another concert tour to Paris and Berlin. In 1818 he was made concertmaster at Hanover, but he returned to Chancellor Wsowologsky in 1832, remaining with him until 1845, when he settled in Dresden. Among his writings, the best known is his Symphony Concertante for four violins with the orchestra, which he first played in Paris in 1838 with Wich, Spohr and Müller. Other compositions are The Three Russian Airs with variations; his operas, Alonzo, Aloise, Der entdeckte Diebstahl, and Der Neue Paris, of which only the overtures are printed.