Matthison-Hansen, Hans



Danish organist and church composer; was born at Flensburg. He first studied art, and was to a certain extent self-taught in music, when he began to study organ under C. F. E. Weyse of Copenhagen. In 1832 he received the important appointment of organist at Roeskilde Cathedral. He was an excellent organist and gave concerts in Norway in 1861 and the following year in Sweden, and in 1864 he appeared in England. He had received the Order of Danebrog in 1857, and in 1869 he was given the title of professor. He composed a cycle of church-music for Christmas, Easter and Pentecost; preludes and postludes for organ; 130th Psalm; two Kyrie eleison; The Lord's Prayer; Johannis, an oratorio; music to the 100th, 121st and 150th Psalms, with orchestral accompaniments, variations, symphonies, fantasies, and other music for organ.