Matthison-Hansen, Gotfred



Organist and composer; son of Hans Matthison-Hansen; born at Roeskilde, Denmark. He began to study law, but soon abandoned it in favor of music, in which art he was largely self-taught. In 1859 he became organist at the German Friedrichs-Kirche in Copenhagen, and on winning the Aucker Scholarship in 1862 went to Leipsic for a year's study. In 1867 he obtained the position of organ-teacher at the Copenhagen Conservatory; in 1871 he became organist of St. John's Church, and six years later became his father's assistant; in 1900 he was organist at Trinity Church, Copenhagen. From 1874 to 1877 he gave many concerts in Denmark, and he has been heard a number of times in Germany. With  Grieg, Horneman and Nordraak he was instrumental in organizing the Euterpe Society. His compositions include, for piano, three mazurkas; trio for piano and strings; a ballade entitled Vom nordischen Mythenkonig Frode Fredegod; three character pieces for piano; sonata for piano and violin; sonata for piano and violoncello; a fantasie and Conzert-Tonstücke for organ.