Masson, Elizabeth



Prominent English concert-singer and composer of songs; was the pupil of Mrs. Henry Smart, and of Pasta in Italy. She first appeared in public at Ella's Second Subscription concert in 1831. She also sang at the Ancient concerts in 1831, and at the Philharmonic concerts in 1833, usually giving selections from the old masters as Gluck, Handel and Mozart. In 1834 she sang at a festival in Westminster Abbey, and several times at the Sacred Harmonic Society in oratorios. Later she devoted her time to teaching and composing, writing music for the poems of Scott, Procter and Byron. In 1839 she established a Royal Society of Female Musicians, which was finally joined to the Royal Society of Musicians in 1856. She had good technique surpassing her natural ability and an original personality. Her published works are Original Jacobite Songs; and Songs for the Classical Vocalist.