Marzo, Eduardo



Composer, teacher and at one time accompanist of many of the great singers; born in Naples, Italy, where he received his musical education under Nacciarone, Miceli and Pappalardo. He came to the United States as pianist and accompanist for Carlotta Patti, and he also accompanied De Murska, Titiens, Mario, Gary, Kellogg, Thursby, Sauret and Sarasate. In 1878 he settled in New York, teaching singing and playing the organ, first at St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church and then at All Saints. In 1881 he was knighted by the King of Italy and in 1892 elected member of the Academy of St. Cecilia in Rome. Of his compositions the church-music is ten masses, four vespers; over thirty anthems; besides forty songs, sacred and secular; also four operettas; twenty part-songs; orchestra and piano-music He has edited several collections, among them Folk-songs of Italy; Neapolitan Songs; and his text-book, The Art of Vocalization.