Martinez, Marianne



Pianist and composer; well known and esteemed in the musical circles of her time; born at Vienna. Her father was in the service of the Pope, and Metastasio, who lived for many years in their household, superintended her education. Haydn, who also lived with them in an attic-room, taught her harpsichord lessons and Porpora taught her singing. The hopes of these illustrious instructors for her were fully realized, for she became an excellent musician and a brilliant woman. Her musical evenings were frequented by such men as Mozart, Hasse, Gerbert and Burney She devoted much of her time to the instruction of prominent young musicians, and in 17 3 became a member of the Musical Academy of Bologna. In 1788 her oratorio, Isacco, with words by Metastasio, was given with great success by the Tonkünstler Societat and is thought to be her masterpiece. Among her other works are two oratorios; a mass; a Miserere, in four parts; several songs for four and eight voices; motets and other sacred music; orchestral symphonies and overtures; and concertos for the piano.