Marpurg, Friedrich



Distinguished Violinist and pianist; grandson of Friedrich Wilhelni Marpurg; born at Paderborn. Studied in Leipsic under Mendelssohn and Hauptmann, and after completing his musical education toured Poland, Prussia and Pomerania. Was appointed conductor of the Opera at Konigsberg and also led the local symphony and chamber concerts. Taught for a while as director at the Musical Academy and later at a school of his own. In 1854 he was appointed director of the Liedertafel at Mainz and in 1864 Hofkapellmeister at Sondershausen. From 1866 to 1868 he lived at Wiesbaden, then went to Darmstadt, succeeding Mangold in the directorship of the Court Orchestra. In 1872 he gave up this position to become Chapelmaster at Freiburg, going to Laybach in 1875, then returning to Wiesbaden. He is accredited with three operas, Musa, der letzte Maurenkonig; Agnes von Hohenstaufen and Die Lichtensteiner.