Marin, Marie Martin Marcel



French violinist, harpist and composer; born at Saint-Jean-de-Luz, near Bayonne; first taught music by his father, Guillaume Marcel de Marin, then studied the violin with Nardini, and the harp for a short time under Hockbunker in France, though he taught himself nearly all he knew of the latter instrument. In 1783 he went to Italy, and was made a member of  the Society of Arcadians in Rome. He then went to a military school at Versailles, where he remained until 1786, and became a captain of dragoons. After a short military service he was given a leave of absence, and toured Austria, Prussia and Spain. During the French Revolution he went to England, where he became a successful teacher. He returned to France during the Consulate, and settled at Toulouse, where he died about 1830. He was a thorough musician both of the harp and violin, being especially known for his remarkable harp compositions of various kinds.