Marchesi, Luigi or Lodovico



Called Marchesini. Handsome and brilliant opera-singer; born at Milan. His father played the horn at Modena and was his first teacher. He received training at Bergamo, as a sopranist, under Caironi and Albujoi, later completing his musical education at Milan under the conductor, Fioroni. In 1774 he made his debut at Rome in a woman's part, and was immediately successful. In 1775 the Elector of Bavaria engaged him to sing at his chapel, but this engagement lasted only until the Elector's death, two years later. Marchesi now sang in Milan, Venice and Treviso, and also in Munich, receiving the greatest applause. By 1778 he had obtained a place in the San Carlo Theatre, where he sang two seasons. In 1780 he sang in the principal cities of Italy, in Vienna and Berlin, and in 1785 went to St. Petersburg, but, fearing the rigorous climate, he went to London in 1788, where he sang until 1790. He retired from the stage in 1806, passing the remainder of his life in Milan. He composed some songs.