Manney, Charles Tonteyn



Composer and musical editor; born in Brooklyn, N. Y. He received his education at the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, and as a lad was soprano soloist at St. Paul's Church and at the Church of The Redeemer, Brooklyn. In Brooklyn he studied harmony with W. A. Fisher, and, on removing to Boston in 1898, he became the pupil of Wallace Goodrich and Dr. Percy Gottschius, with whom he studied counterpoint, composition and harmony. He is associate editor with Oliver Ditson in Boston, and is well known as a composer of vocal and piano-pieces, having written cantatas; songs and part-songs; anthems; two sacred cantatas; and a comic opera, The Duke's Double. He has also edited various collections and writings. He is a member of a number of musical societies, among them The Boston Chorister Club, The Harvard Musical Association and The Manuscript Society.