Mangold, Karl



Brother of Johann Wilhelm Mangold; was a successful dramatic composer. He was born at Darmstadt, and died at Oberstdorf, in Algau. He was the pupil of his father and his brother, of Berton and Bordogni at the Paris Conservatory, and later of Neukomm and Saussaye. He went back to Darmstadt in 1839 and became director of the Musikyerein, the Sangerkranz and the Cacilia, and from 1869 to 1875 of the Mozartverein. He was a violinist in the Court Orchestra from 1848 to 1869, and at the same time director of the Court music. He was pensioned in 1859. He wrote several successful operas, Das Kohlermadchen, Tannhauser, Gudrun, and Dornroschen; some oratorios, Abraham, Wittekind, and Israel in der Wüste; the concert dramas, Frithjof, Hermann's Tod, Ein Morgen am Rhein, and Barbarossas Erwachen; a symphony cantata, Elysium; a dramatic scene, Das Madchens Klage; a prize cantata, Die Weisheit des Mirza Schaffy; and male quartets.