Mangold, Johann Wilhelm



Composer of operas and instrumental music, who was born and died at Darmstadt. He was the pupil of his father, Georg Mangold, on the violin, then of Rinck and Abt Vogler at the Paris Conservatory, and from 1815 to 1818 of Mehul and Cherubini. He played the violin in an orchestra at the age of fourteen. When he returned to Darmstadt in 1819 he became Court musician and concertmaster, and held the position of chapelmaster from 1825 until 1858, when he was pensioned. Among his works are the operas, Merope, the best; Graf Ory, and Die vergeblische Vorsicht; overtures to Macbeth, and the Merchant of Venice; some well-known music for wind-instruments; some for stringed-instruments; and songs.