Mainzer, Joseph Abbe



Was born in Treves, where he received his musical education at the Maitrise of Treves Cathedral. He at first turned his attention to engineering, then to the ministry, being ordained priest in 1826, and later being made abbe. He began his musical career by teaching in Treves, writing his Singschule, or Method, which was published in 1831. His political beliefs caused him to leave Germany and go to Brussels, where he wrote his opera, Triomphe de la Pologne, and was musical editor on L'Artiste. In 1834 he went to Paris, where he opened classes and was on the staff o! the Musical Gazette. In 1841 he settled at Manchester, England, where he conducted successful classes in Wilhelm's System. In 1842 he started a periodical called Mainzer's Musical Times, which was the basis of the present Musical Times. He has written many musical treatises, chiefly educational, among them Methode du chant pour les enfants; Bibliotheque elementaire du chant; cole chorale, and his Musical Anthenaeum. His two operas, Triomphe de la Pologne, and La Jacquerie, were unsuccessful.