Magnard, Lucien Denis Gabriel Alberic



French composer of decided promise, who was born in Paris. He studied law at the Lycee Condorcet, but later decided to make music his lifework and entered the Paris Conservatory, where he studied under Massenet and Dubois and took the harmony prize in 1888. Then he studied with Vincent d'Indy. He is one of the most interesting of modern French composers, owing to the sincerity and boldness of his style. He has written Hymne a la Justice; Hymne a Venus; three symphonies, a chant Funebre and a suite in ancient style for orchestra; the one-act opera, Yolande, and the three-act opera, Guercoeur, to both of which he wrote the librettos; some chamber-music, including a string quartet; a trio for piano and strings; a quintet for piano and wind-instruments; and a violin sonata.