Macpherson, Stewart



Musical educator and composer; born in Liverpool, England. He went first to the City of London School, then winning the Sterndale Bennett open scholarship he entered the Royal Academy of Music in 1880 and studied composition under Sir G. A. Macfarren and piano under Walter Macfarren. His record in this school was a brilliant one, for he won the Balfe Scholarship in 1882, and the Charles Lucas medal for composition in 1884, and the Potter Exhibition prize in 1885. On completing his course in 1887 he was made professor of composition and harmony and elected an associate of the institution, being advanced to the rank of Fellow in 1892. In 1885 he became organist of the Immanuel Church of Streatham Common, and from 1885 to 1902 he conducted the Westminster Orchestral Society, an institution which has done much good work in bringing out works by English composers. He also conducted the Streatham Choral Society from 1886 to 1904. In 1898 he became an examiner to the Associated Board of the Royal Academy of Music, in which position he has visited Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ceylon and South Africa. In 1903 he became professor of composition at the Royal Normal College for the Blind, and was appointed a member of the t Board of Musical Studies at the University of London. He is also a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music, and a member of the Philharmonic Society of London. Among his theoretical works widely known in Great Britain are Practical Harmony, which has been translated into German; Appendix to Practical Harmony; Practical Counterpoint; Three Hundred and Fifty Exercises in Harmony; Counterpoint and Modulation; and Rudiments of Music. In 1907 he was engaged with the publication of Form in Music which it is expected will appear early in 1908. Among his musical compositions may be mentioned the fine mass in D for soprano solo, chorus and orchestra; violin concerto in G minor; ballade for orchestra; nocturne and idyll for orchestra; many songs; piano-pieces; and church services.