Lutkin, Peter Christian


American musician and educator; born in Racine, Wisconsin. At an early age he was a choir-boy under Canon Knowles, and as young as twelve held a position as organist. His musical education began in Chicago, where he studied piano under Mrs. Regina Watson, organ under Clarence Eddy and theory with Frederick Grant Gleason. Continuing his studies abroad he had instruction  on the piano from Oscar Raif, in Berlin, and from Moritz Moszkowski in Paris; on the organ from August Haupt and theory from Woldemar Bargiel, in Berlin, and he also attended the Hochschule fur Musik in Berlin. From 1881 to 1883 he studied in the Leschetizky Piano School in Vienna. Upon his return to Chicago he was organist at the Cathedrals St. Peter and St. Paul, holding both positions between the years 1871 and 1881. He was organist of St. James Church from 1891 to 1896. From 1888 to 1895 he was director of the theoretical department of the American Conservatory of Music. He has been professor of music since 1891 and Dean since 1897, of the School of Music of Northwestern University at Evanston, Illinois. He has always lent his aid to musical clubs, and has been connected with vested choirs since their first use in the west. He has composed songs, church-music, and concert works.