Lorenz, Julius


Musical director; born in Hanover, Germany. He graduated from the Real Gymnasium in 1880, and spent the years 1880 to 1884 at the Royal Conservatory of Music at Leipsic. He then held the position of conductor of the Singakademie at Glogau for a year, when he was appointed musical director of the Arion Singing Society of New York, which position he still holds. In 1903 he was made Royal Prussian music-director by the Emperor. He was also made a teacher in the German Conservatory of Music in New York and has since 1903 been director of United Singers 'of Newark, N. J. He has composed  an opera, Die Rekruten; overtures; piano music; choruses; and songs. Loretz (lo'-rets), Dr. John M. 1840Born at Mühlhausen, Alsace, but brought to America when a little child. At seventeen years of age he went to Paris, where he entered the Conservatory and studied under Laurent, Marmontel, Reber and others. Upon his return to the United States, he became a pianist of the Brooklyn Philharmonic Society. He has held the position of organist in several churches in Brooklyn; was conductor at the Park Theatre, New York, and bandmaster in the United States Navy. He has written more than two hundred compositions containing much sacred music; seven comic operas, of which The Pearl of Bagdad is one; symphonic overtures; and piano music.