Loeillet, Jean Baptiste

Accomplished flutist and composer; born in Ghent about the middle of the Seventeenth Century, and died in London in 1728. In 1702 he established himself in Paris, where for three years he devoted himself to composition, publishing four sonatas for flute; a book of sonatas for two flutes; and also some trios for flute. At the end of this time he went to London, where he became a member of the Opera orchestra and a teacher of his instrument. In 1710 he began to give weekly concerts at his home. Others of his compositions are six lessons for the harpsichord; six sonatas for flutes, hautboys, German flutes and violins; twelve sonatas for violins, German flutes and common flutes; twelve sonatas for a German flute; and twelve suites of lessons for the harpsichord, in most of the keys, with variety of passages and variations throughout the work.