Lobe, Johann Christian


Born at Weimar. Flutist and composer; his musical education was obtained through the generosity of the Grand Duchess Maria Paulowna. He was a pupil on the flute and violin of August Riemann, and later of A. E. Müller. In 1811 he played at the Gewandhaus, Leipsic, after whih he returned to Weimar and played second flute in the Duke's band. He also acquired considerable reputation as a musical writer. He received the title of professor, and, upon leaving the band, in 1842, he established a music school. In 1846 he went to Leipsic and edited the Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung, but the periodical discontinued two years later. He gave much time to teaching and contributed to many periodicals. In 1853 he began a publication called Fliegende Blatter fur Musik, but only about twenty numbers appeared; he then edited the musical department of the Leipsic Illustriete Zeitung. His books are very helpful to students of music because they treat of the science of music in a plain and untechnical way, and are full of intelligence and good sense. His compositions include five operas, concertos, variations, solo pieces, etc., for flute; piano quartets; two symphonies; and several overtures.