Listemann, Fritz


Brother of the preceding; also oorn at Schlotheim, Germany. He also studied under Wilhelm Ulrich, who was their uncle and concertmaster of Sonderhausen, and later under David, graduating from the Leipsic Conservatory. While very young he was a member of leading orchestras in Europe, and was made chambervirtuoso to the Prince of Rudolstadt in 1858. In 1867 he came to this country with his brother, first spending a few years in Boston, and in 1871 he became first violin in the Thomas Orchestra. The brothers went to Boston in 1874, and Fritz was one of the sextet organized by Bernhard and called the Boston Philharmonic Club. He also became a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and of the Listemann Concert Company. He studied composition for several years with Edward Alexander MacDowell, and has been very successful in teaching. Among his compositions are violin concertos; a Grosse Polonaise and Idylle; songs and variations.