Listemann Bernhard


Violinist; born at Schlotheim, Thuringia. His instructors were Ulrich and David at Leipsic; Vieuxtemps and Joachim at Hanover. At the age of seventeen he was appointed Court violinist to the Prince of Schwartzburg. He came with his brother to this country in 1867 and traveled extensively, then took up his residence in  Boston. From 1870 to 1874 he was leader in the Thomas Orchestra in New York. He then founded the Boston Philharmonic Club and toured the country for four years. In 1879 he organized the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, of which he was director for two years, when he became leader of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, established by Mr. Higginson. In the same year he started the Listemann String Quartet, which is still in existence and holding a reputation for excellent work. From 1885 to 1893 he was soloist and director of the Listemann Concert Company and also was teaching in Boston, in which work he became very prominent. Since 1893 he has been the head of the violin department in the Chicago College of Music. Listemann has published a Method for Violin.