Lindley, Robert


Violoncellist; born at Rotherham, Yorkshire, England. His first instruction was from his father, in 1792 becoming a pupil of Cervetto, who took such an interest in him that he taught him gratuitously. His first position was at the Brighton Theatre, where  he played before the Prince Regent. In 1794 he succeeded Sperati as first violoncellist at the Opera and at all the principal concerts, which position he held until he retired in 1851. Lindley and Dragonetti, the great doublebass-player, were friends for over fifty years. The Royal Academy of Music was established in 1822 and he became a professor. Lindley was probably the greatest cellist of his time, his techinque was remarkable and his tone was pure, rich and strong. He composed for his instrument, but nothing of importance. He died in London.