Linden, Karl van der


Composer; born at Dordrecht. He studied piano under J. Kwast, sr., and theory under F. Bohme. He lived in Paris, Belgium and Germany, '"Vhere he spent his time in study. In 1860 he returned to Dordrecht and became successively conductor of Harmonic, from 1865 conductor of the Liedertafel, 1872 bandmaster of the National Guard, and in 1875 conductor of the grand concerts of the Netherland Musicians' Association. Linden ranks high as a leader, and his compositions are excellent. In 1875 he conducted the Musical Festival at Rotterdam, and in 1877 and 1880 at Dordrecht. He was a member of the jury at the great musical competitions of Ghent, 1873; Paris, 1877, and Brussels, 1880. His compositions include the cantatas, De Starrenhemel, and Kunstzin; seven overtures for grand orchestra; two operas; many songs; part-songs for male, female and mixed voices; sonatas and piano-pieces, and many works for wind band.