Lincke, Joseph


Famous cellist and composer; born at Trachenberg, Silesia. His father was a capable violinist and instructed him on the instrument. He studied the violoncello under Oswald. His parents died when he was only a boy and he was obliged to support himself. He copied music until 1800,  when he became a violinist in the Dominican convent at Breslau. Here he also enjoyed instruction under Hanisch for organ and harmony. He studied the cello under Lose, succeeding him as first cellist at the theatre. In 1808 he went to Vienna and became one of Prince Rasoumowsky's private quartet. Here he and Beethoven became firm friends. He played at Schuppanzigh's quartet concerts, and he in turn assisted at Lincke's farewell concert when only Beethoven music was performed, and at which the great composer was present. Lincke later became chamber virtuoso to Countess Erdody at Pancovecz, and in 1818 was appointed first violoncellist at the Theatre an der Wien. In 1831 he played at the Vienna Court Opera. He died in Vienna. He has composed some variations and capriccios for the cello.