Leroux, Xavier Henry Napoleon


Born at Velletri, Italy. He entered the Paris Conservatory, where he won  honorable mention for piano and a first prize for harmony in 1881, the next year a second prize for counterpoint, and in 1885 the Grand Prize of Rome for his cantata, Endymion. His dramatic productions include Evangeline, a lyric drama in four acts; Astarte, a four-act opera; La Reine Fiammetta, in four acts; and incidental music to others. Two operas which have recently been completed are Le Chemineau and Theodora, 1905. He has also written an overture, Harald; lyric scene, Venus et Adonis; many songs, some church-music, as a mass with orchestra and motets. In 1896 he was appointed professor of harmony at the Paris Conservatory, which position he still holds.