Lemoine, Henri


Born in Paris, where he also died. He studied music at the Conservatory from 1798 to 1809 and as late as 1821 studied harmony of Reicha. He became well known as a successful piano teacher, but in 1817, at his father's death, took over his publishing business and brought it up to a high standard. His educational compositions are still in use, some of which are a Petite methode elementaire for piano; a Traite d'harmonie pratique; a Solfege des Solfeges, in ten small volumes; and Tablettes du Pianiste. Antoine Marcel Lemoine, his father, was born at Paris in 1763 and died there, 1817. He was a performer on the guitar and viola and founded, in 1793, the well-known Paris firm of music-publishers of that name. Achille Philibert Lemoine, Henri's son, was born at Paris, 1813, and died at Sevres, 1895. He was a partner with his father and from 1852, sole director of the firm. In 1858 he added to it a department for engraving and music-printing which materially assisted the business. In 1885, with his sons Henri and Leon, he established a branch house at Brussels and, since his death, they have conducted it.