Leibrock, Joseph Adolf


Leibrock was the author of a history of the Court Chapel at Brunswick, where he had been cellist and harpist. This first appeared in the Braunschweig Magazine, 1865-1866. He was also author of a Musikalische Akkordenlehre, in which he tried to establish the relation of chords in the tonal system of harmony. He composed the music to Schiller's Rauber, and to several melodramas; wrote a number of overtures, string quartets, and songs and piano-pieces. At first Leibrock was interested in the study of philosophy, and not until after he had taken the degree of Doctor of Philosophy did he turn his entire attention to music. With Godike he studied the violoncello, the violin with Maucourt and theory under Zinkeisen. He was born at Brunswick and died in Berlin.