Lawrowskaja, Mme. Elizabeth Andrejewna


Dramatic singer; born at Kaschin, Twer, Russia. Her first instruction was received from Fenzi, at the Elizabeth Institute. Later she studied under Mme. Nissen-Saloman, at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Her first appearance was in 1867, as Orpheus. She continued her studies in London and Paris through the generosity of the Grand Duchess Helena. Returning to St. Petersburg, she was engaged at the Russian Opera-Theatre Marie, where she sang from 1868 to 1872. In 1871 she married the Prince Zeretelew, at Odessa. Following the four years of stage work she visited all the important  cities of Europe, concert-singing. She received further instruction from Mme. Viardot-Garcia. In London she made a great impression with her grand mezzosoprano voice and fine declamatory powers of singing operatic airs. In 1878 she returned to the St. Petersburg Opera. The principal Russian operas in which she has performed are La Vie pour le Czar and Russian and Ludmilla, of Glinka; Russalka of Dargomijsky; and Wrazyia Silow of Serov.