Lanner, Joseph Franz Karl


Born and died in Oberdobling, near Vienna. His talent for music showed early and by his own efforts he learned to play the violin and to become quite proficient in composition. He next organized a quartet in which the elder Strauss played the viola. They played mostly marches and light music composed by Lanner and potpourris from favorite operas arranged by him. From a small this grew to be a larger orchestra and their performances became so popular that they were in demand at all important places of amusement. Lanner conducted the dance-music at the Court balls alternately with Strauss and was appointed chapelmaster of the second Burger-regiment. He may be considered as the founder of all modern dance-music, having developed the waltz from the old-fashioned landler. More than two hundred of his compositions have been published, many of them having been dedicated to royalty and other distinguished persons. Among these are VictoriaWalzer, to Queen Victoria; Troubadour- Walzer, to Donizetti; and the Norwegische Arabesken, to Ole Bull.