Lampe, John Frederick


Born in Saxony. Nothing is known of his life until he reached England, about 1725, and became a bassoonplayer at the Opera. He is said to have been one of the best bassoonists of his time. In 1732 he composed the music for his pupil, Carey's Amelia, and in 1737 also composed for Carey's burlesque opera, The Dragon of Wantley. This opera is said to have been a favorite of Handel's. In the same year Lampe published A Plain and Compendious Method of Teaching Thorough-bass. His Art of Musick was published in 1740, and the next year he composed the music for the masque of The Sham Conjuror. In 1745 he composed a mock opera, Pyramus and Thisbe, the words from Shakespeare. He married the daughter of Charles Young, organist of AllHallows. She was a favorite singer and actress. With his wife and a company he went to Dublin in 1748 to conduct theatrical performances and concerts, and two years later to Edinburgh for the same work, but his death occurred soon after.