Kufferath, Hubert Ferdinand


Prominent member of a Prussian musical family; the brother of Johann Hermann Kufferath, director of a music school at Utrecht, and of Louis Kufferath, director of conservatories at Leeuwarden, Ghent and Brussels. Hubert Kufferath was born at Muhlheim, and was first taught music by Joseph, who later sent him to Cologne to study. He played the violin at a festival at Düsseldorf so well that Mendelssohn, who heard him, persuaded him to come to Leipsic where he could give him some lessons. He also studied with Hauptmann and David there. From 1841 to 1844 he conducted the Mannergesangverein at Cologne, then, after some tours, located at Brussels, where he conducted several musical societies, became an instructor in the Royal family, and was finally made Court pianist to Leopold I. He wrote a School of the Choral; symphonies; concertos and other compositions for the piano; and songs.