Koning, David


Pianist, composer and teacher of merit; was born at Rotterdam, Holland. He was a pupil of Hutschenruyter, and from 1834 to 1838 of Aloys Schmitt at Frankfort. After this he traveled, visiting Vienna, Paris and London, returning to Rotterdam and receiving the prize from the Netherland Musical Society in 1839. In 1840 he was appointed director of the Felix Mentis Choral Society at Amsterdam, where, from 1848 to 1858, he was secretary of the Cacilia, and from 1858 to 18b2 its president. In 1844 he became a member of the St. Cecilia Society of Rome, and he was also a member of the Amsterdam Society for the Promotion of Music. Among his works are his Domine salvun fac regem, with orchestra accompaniment; his comic opera, The Fisher Maiden; Elegy on the Death of an Artist, for solos, chorus and orchestra; string quartets; a great variety of vocal music; and seven piano etudes.