Klengel, Julius


One of the finest players of the violoncello of the present day; born at Leipsic. He took private violoncello lessons of Emil Hegar, and  studied composition with Jadassohn. In 1874, when only fifteen years old, he became a member of the famous Gewandhaus Orchestra, and the following year made his first appearance as a virtuoso in Frankfort. In 1881 he became a teacher at the Leipsic Conservatory where he held the title of Royal Professor. As a quartetplayer he is identified with the Gewandhaus Quartet and was a member of a quartet organized by Adolf Brodsky, which was said to have equaled the famous Joachim Quartet of Berlin. As a virtuoso he has appeared in all the large cities of England, Germany, Holland and Russia, and at present he is first violoncello in the Gewandhaus Orchestra. He has composed several numbers for his instrument, among them being a concertino for violoncello and piano; three violoncello concertos; a concertstück for violoncello and piano; a suite in D minor for two violoncellos; a suite in E minor for two violoncellos, many solos and some compositions for string quartet.