Klein, Bernhard


German composer for the church and stage; was born at Cologne and died at Berlin. His early education was interrupted by the French Wan He went to Paris, where he studied with Cherubini. He directed the music of the Cologne Cathedral, and in 1819 went to Berlin to study Zelter's instructive methods, staying there as a teacher in the Royal Institute for church-music and the university. In 1823 he married and visited Italy, meeting Baini at Rome. He worked constantly on his compositions up to the time of his sudden death. He wrote a great deal of church-music, including psalms; motets; a Paternoster and Magnificat; three oratorios, David, Hiob and Jephtha; Worte des Glaubens, a cantata on Schiller's work; and three operas, Dido, Ariadne, and Irene, the last being unfinished.