Klauwell, Otto F.


Composer and writer on musical subjects; born at Langensalza, Thuringia. For a time he went to the local Realschule, then to the Gymnasium at Schulpforta. After taking an active part in the Franco-Prussian War he entered the University of Leipsic, and there studied mathematics and natural history. From 1872 to 1874 he studied at the Leipsic Conservatory under Reinecke and Richter, and at the University he took his degree of Doctor of Philosophy. In 1875 he became professor of theory, history of music and piano at the Cologne Conservatory, and in 1885 he was given charge of classes established by Wüllner and known as the Teachers' Seminary. In 1894 he was given the title of Royal Prussian Professor. In 1895 he became assistant of F. Steinbach, musical conductor-general, who succeeded Franz Hiller. He has composed some chamber-music, piano-pieces, overtures and songs, and an opera, Das Madchen vom See, and has written many treatises on musical subjects among them being The Historical Development of the Musical Piano; Musikalische Bekenntnisse, Formen der Instrumental-Musik; Der Vortrag in der Musik; Der Fingersatz des Klavierspiels; Geschichte Konservatorium der Musik in Koln, Festschrift der Feier seanes 50 jahrigen Bestcheus; Theodore Young, his life and works;  Studien und Erinnerungen, a series of essays about music. He has also finished an edition of Cherubini's Kontrapunkt. Besides the romantic opera, Das Madchen vom See, he has written the comic opera, Die heimlichen Richter; Abendfrieden, for choir of eight voices and orchestra; numerous songs and piano-pieces.