Kazynski, Victor


Dramatic composer and writer of songs; was born at Wilna, Lithuania. From 1837 until 1839 he was a pupil of Eisner at Warsaw. He returned to Wilna in 1840, and during that year wrote the music of his opera, Fenella, and of an opera, The Wandering Jew, which he produced unsuccessfully in 1842. In 1843 he moved to St. Petersburg, where in 1845 he published a musical diary of his travels through Germany and Austria with General Lyoff. In 1848 he was made conductor at the Imperial Theatre and brought out his opera, Man and Wife, which was only moderately successful. He has published a number of musical compositions; overtures; cantatas; concertos for piano and violin; fantasias on Russian themes and tarantellas; beside his popular Album of Song, which came out in 1855.