Kaun, Hugo


Conductor and teacher; was born at Berlin. He received his training at the Meisterschule under Kiel, and in 1887 came to the United States, settling in Milwaukee, where he founded the Mannerchor, which gave concerts with Theodore Thomas. He taught harmony, counterpoint and composition, and lectured on Oratorio and Symphony at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music at Milwaukee in 1899. Several of his compositions were played under the direction of Theodore Thomas in Chicago. He returned to Berlin in 1902. He has composed the two operas, Der Maler von Antwerpen, of which the overture was performed in Chicago, and Der Pietist; the symphony, An Mein Vaterland; the cantata, Normannenabschied; a festival march dedicated to the American nation; a carnival suite which won much success in Milwaukee; Vineta; Maria Magdalena, which was given at Meiningen in 1904; and the symphonic poems, Hiawatha and Minnehaha.